A Call for Remembrance and Action For George Floyd

June 1, 2020

A Call for Remembrance and Action For George Floyd

Washington, D.C. – In response to the killing of George Floyd and the massive uprisings in our communities, Justin Myers, CEO of For Our Future and For Our Future Action Fund released the following statement:

“The brutal death of George Floyd is a painful reminder that racism is thriving and continues to pervade our nation. As a black man, I am sick and tired of the senseless and traumatic violence experienced routinely by African Americans in this country. Our community has often borne the brunt of this fight alone or with few allies, but if we are to succeed, we must collectively fight back.

“Every one of us–no matter what we look like, where we live, or where we are from–deserves to live in a country that upholds our basic human rights.

“We cannot allow our grief to let us succumb to racism and white supremacy in America, nor can we let it lure us into immobility. Not just now, but for decades, our friends, our neighbors, our children, and brave protesters rising in the streets have been imploring us to act.

“We must use our collective voices to stop the dehumanization of Black Americans and to demand serious reforms of our police departments, our criminal justice system, and government institutions. We must demand justice for George Floyd and those like him who were killed just for being black. We will only succeed by collectively holding powerful people and institutions accountable for their racist actions or equally worse, inaction.

“There can no longer be institutions that protect only a few Americans and either disregard or harm the rest of us. There can be no public safety until innocent, unarmed African Americans can safely walk in their communities without fearing dehumanizing acts of violence, from not only those who seek to harm us but those who are supposed to protect us.

“The protests over George Floyd’s death should not provoke condemnation. The  uprisings should provoke dialogue, and more importantly, tangible action on racial justice driven by the will of the historically-impacted community. This is the only way we can truly heal and ultimately rebuild our society.

“President Trump and the most dangerous amongst his supporters are investing energy into escalating the situation and dividing us further. We won’t be misled by these efforts, and we won’t be divided. We must stand united and collectively call for policies and investments desperately needed in our communities.”



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