Bloomberg: Democrats Face Their Fears in Wisconsin

Bloomberg’s Francis Wilkinson featured our relational program to reach voters neighbor-to-neighbor in Wisconsin in a column that dove into the approaches Democratic groups are taking to win back the Badger state:

“The idea is to leverage personal networks to break through the cacophony and cynicism of contemporary politics, build trust and attach free-range citizens to both a data base and a progressive base. ‘For years we’ve been sending strangers to knock on doors,’ said Joe Zepecki, a strategist at For Our Future, a liberal super-PAC in Wisconsin. Relational organizing, he said, is “a friends-and-family approach to ground-level organizing. Those conversations are so much more impactful at turning people out to vote. ‘The goal remains the same as ever: Identify voters, win over the persuadable ones, turn them out.'”

Read the full article here.

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