For Our Future Helped Flip 13 Congressional, 3 Governors’ Seats for Democrats

Direct Voter Contact Program that Knocked on 8.7M Doors Also Helped Flip 21 State Legislature Seats and End 2 GOP Supermajorities

Washington D.C. – For Our Future, the political action committee behind the largest independent field operation for the progressive movement in the midterm elections, is proud to have played a key role in numerous progressive victories in seven states where it knocked on nearly 8.7 million doors and had over 1.3 million conversations with sporadic voters. The Democratic takeover of the U.S. House that effectively derails President Trump’s harmful legislative agenda would not have been possible without the 13 House seats that flipped with the help of For Our Future’s leading ground game. This turnout operation also helped lay the groundwork for progressive change including Medicaid expansion in Wisconsin by putting three Democrats in the Governor’s mansion and flipping 21 state legislature seats, which ended GOP supermajorities in Michigan and Pennsylvania.  

For Our Future’s voter contact program success by the numbers:  

  • 13 Congressional pickups (FL-27, MI-8, MI-11, NV-4, NY-22, PA-4, PA-5, PA-6, PA-7, PA-8, VA-2, VA-7, VA-10)
  • 3 pickups in Governors’ races (MI, WI, NV) including against two-term WI Governor Scott Walker
  • 22 State legislature seats flipped; 8 seats defended; 2 GOP supermajorities ended in PA and MI
  • Voting rights restored for 1.4 million Floridians
  • 10,218,894 doors knocked
  • 1,576,513  in person conversations at the doors
  • 298 days on the doors in 2018
  • 35 community-based partners
  • 5,130,404 pieces of mail sent
  • 2.7 million + voters texted
  • 300 + digital ads
  • 50 million + digital impressions
  • 4,535 staff total in NV, WI, PA, VA, OH, MI, FL

Justin Myers, Chief Executive Officer of For Our Future: “Ground game matters. It made the difference in Tony Evers’ win over Gov. Scott Walker. It made the difference in flipping so many congressional seats and state legislature seats. And it will make the difference when it comes to helping communities realize the progressive change they voted for and will help put progressives in an even stronger position in 2020 to undo the damage done by the party of Trump.”

For Our Future began knocking on doors in key communities back in February long before many campaigns were able to hire a single field organizer. Organizers had invaluable, in-depth conversations with over 1.3 million sporadic voters about the issues residents care about most, whether it was about the high cost of auto insurance in Detroit, underfunded public schools in Las Vegas, or standing up to Trump in Milwaukee. For Our Future was able to use that information to make powerful closing arguments in favor of progressive candidates by speaking directly to those issues, face-to-face on a region-by-region basis.


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