For Our Future Releases Initial Results of Innovative Voter Contact Program

Washington D.C. – For Our Future and For Our Future Action Fund unveiled the initial results from their groundbreaking new ‘Feedback Loop’ program which engages people during door-to-door conversations to better understand what issues motivate voter turnout and community action. For Our Future launched the program in February, focusing on having qualitative, in-depth conversations with Democrats, progressives, and Independents across seven battleground states. The results are in after knocking on over 3 million doors and having conversations with more than 390,000 people about what issues matter most to them. For Our Future details the top five issues voters care about by region in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Virginia in its new report HERE.

Among the Key Findings:

1) Trump animates the midterms: disapproval of Trump comes up as a top issue in every state but Michigan.

2) Public education funding is top issue not only in every state, but also in nearly every region within each state.

3) Concerns about gun violence prevention are widespread, but particularly salient in Florida.

 Justin Myers, Chief Executive Officer of For Our Future and For Our Future Action Fund: “What we’ve learned after having nearly 400,000 conversations with voters is that although Trump might win the day’s media narrative, it’s issues that will win over voters. We are aggregating what canvassers are hearing at the doors into invaluable qualitative and quantitative data that will help ensure our messaging and resource allocation are as effective and targeted as possible. We’re learning in real time what issues resonate in communities and we’re learning what it will take to get sporadic voters to the polls.

 “Every conversation – from complaints about local water quality to personal stories about living with a pre-existing condition – tells a richer story of what issues are resonating in a community than traditional polling can. It makes a difference when we’re able to talk with voters about how local candidates have specific plans to deal with the issues that matters most to them. Ultimately, our communications with voters will reflect their own voices better than ever — what we call the feedback loop — because we are able to have a more nuanced, informed and productive conversation.”

 While traditional canvass conversations at the door often starts with questions like “Who are you supporting for Governor or Senate?” followed by persuasive messaging, For Our Future is digging deeper, beginning every conversation at the door by asking “What is the most important concern you’d like to see addressed?”

In 2016, For Our Future and its partners held nearly 2 million conversations at the door, and research showed that those conversations increased turnout and led to a higher vote for progressive candidates. In 2018, For Our Future is able to enter the GOTV phase with an even better sense of what messages resonate on a regional basis, and on-the-fence voters will know that they are finally being heard.

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