For Our Future Virginia Is A Critical Part of Democratic Win

November 6, 2019 

For Our Future Virginia Is A Critical Part of Democratic Win

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA–Progressives in Virginia are celebrating taking the majority in both legislatures of the General Assembly. For Our Future Virginia played a major role in this election cycle, making 227,154 attempts to knock voters doors across the Richmond metro and Hampton Roads regions. Our organizing contributed to progressive candidates winning their races, including flipping a key Senate seat (SD 10). We additionally mobilized voters by sending 292,500 text messages, running digital ads reaching 95,152 targeted voters that were seen 417,461 times, issued four rounds of mail to a universe of 27,877 targeted voters, sending 13,822 handwritten postcards, and placing 66,832 calls

State Director Antwaun Griffin said, “This is our third successful cycle galvanizing the progressive vote for Virginia, and we are ready for 2020. We are excited to have taken another step toward lasting progressive change. We look forward to working with our in-state partners on holding the legislature accountable in achieving well-funded, high-quality public schools, an economy that works for everyone, affordable access to health care, and clean air and water for all who live in the Commonwealth.” 

For Our Future Virginia has been in the field knocking doors, building relationships, and holding tens of thousands of face-to-face conversations with voters who are concentrated in newly-drawn districts  since May. The election results in Virginia reflect how progressives’ long-term investment and real community engagement pay dividends. For Our Future first made gains in the statewide offices and the state legislature in 2017. We galvanized constituents to lobby their legislators to successfully expand Medicaid before moving to help flip key congressional races last year. Now by supporting Democrats taking the majority in both chambers in 2019, our permanent organizing presence and collaboration with other key groups on the ground have helped build real power for progressives during our time in Virginia.


BACKGROUND: Founded in 2016, For Our Future Action Fund and For Our Future run the largest, permanent progressive field program across seven states: FL, MI, NV, OH, PA, VA, and WI. Along with community partners, the groups organize all-year-long around issues, legislative advocacy, and campaigns to win elections and help build the lasting power needed to improve people’s lives. The groups plan to raise $80 million for its grassroots efforts in 2020 to advance progressive legislation, defeat President Trump, and pick up seats in races key to redistricting.


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