Huffington Post Highlights For Our Future’s Safe Canvassing Program That Helped Deliver Victory for Biden-Harris

In a November 12 article, Huffington Post highlighted For Our Future’s safe and socially-distanced canvassing program that helped deliver Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris:

For Our Future, a progressive group backed by labor unions and liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen America, credits its door-knocking operation for helping turn out infrequent, Democratic-leaning voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada. The group, which spent weeks preparing for an Oct. 1 launch, said it knocked on 1.3 million doors, including 600,000 in Pennsylvania alone. The group’s 1,000-plus paid canvassers found that, as a result of the pandemic, they were actually more likely to succeed in engaging people at the doors than in previous election cycles.

“Our contact rate on the doors was higher this fall than what it’s been in the past,” For Our Future spokesperson Liz Cattaneo said during a call with reporters on Monday. “That contributes to our thinking that our organizing in person to reach folks who were less likely to connect through traditional means made a difference.”


UNITE HERE and For Our Future took the utmost safety precautions while canvassing, requiring all door-knockers to wear masks and gloves, maintain social distance from people with whom they were speaking, and remain outdoors. The safety protocols adopted by the organizations, which consulted with public health experts and monitored canvassers’ health, sound a lot like what a former Obama administration assistant health secretary told Politico in August would be needed to conduct canvassing safely during the pandemic. There was not a single confirmed case of COVID-19 among UNITE HERE’s 1,700 canvassers, according to the union. […]

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