Isthmus: Will it be a Democratic 2020? A “permanent progressive field program” is working on it

In its latest issue, Madison’s Isthmus editor Ruth Coniff opines about the factors at play in the contest to win the heavily-contested battleground state of Wisconsin this November. Coniff highlights the organizing For Our Future has invested in the badger state to advance progressive change.  In “Will it be a Democratic 2020? A ‘permanent progressive field program’ is working on it,” she writes:

Justin Myers, who runs the “permanent progressive field program” of For Our Future, a labor-funded group that is knocking on doors in seven swing states, says the key is setting aside the national political fights and connecting with voters and finding out about the issues they care about.

For Our Future is putting eight field offices and hundreds of staff into every area of Wisconsin to ask voters what matters to them.

And, Myers takes pains to note, they are staying year-round and building relationships with grassroots groups here, including Milwaukee BLOC and Voces de la Frontera — not just parachuting in for a single election.

Read the full article here.

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