MEMO: For Our Future Lays Out Work to Beat Trump, One Conversation at a Time

October 27, 2020
To: Interested Parties
From: Justin Myers, CEO, For Our Future
Re: Beating Trump, One Conversation at a Time

We don’t need to recount the reasons this country cannot and must not tolerate another four years of Donald Trump’s leadership.

The progressive organizing hub For Our Future is playing a pivotal role in helping the Biden-Harris ticket secure their path to the White House by building relationships with sporadic voters and learning what it will take to earn their vote. In the last week alone, our organizers and volunteers held 93,000 conversations with this subset of the electorate whose decision to cast a ballot will determine the next president. 

Elections are won in the margins. And Trump’s 2016 margins were slim in FloridaPennsylvaniaMichigan, and Wisconsin — states that For Our Future has been organizing in since 2016. We refuse to leave those votes on the table and are reaching out to more than the margin of voters that Trump won by in each of these critical swing states every single day. 

Through the final stretch of GOTV, For Our Future is back on the ground with safe, contactless canvassing operations that target hard-to-reach voters who could be silenced by the pandemic. Organizers plan to knock 1.4 million doors by Election Day in 51 counties across six battleground states. 

For Our Future connects with voters in their communities through SMS, phones, mail, email, social media, virtual town halls, and other online events. Our innovative organizing-centered digital program combines layered texts, phones, and paid digital with virtual events and digital door-knocking to transform online reactions into offline actions. Thus far, we’ve had 2.4 million people engage with us digitally through online actions.

By reaching out to people who didn’t vote in 2016, who are otherwise at risk of sitting out this election, or who voted for Trump in 2016, we know that: 

  • Trump is in trouble on the issues that matter most to people who will decide the election. 
  • A majority of people we talk to say COVID-related issues are their main concern –with 40% sharing COVID and 28% saying that the economic impact of COVID is their biggest issue
  • Healthcare costs are rising as key issues in Wisconsin and Michigan. 
  • Access to care is of concern in Pennsylvania. 
  • Floridians often mention personal COVID risk as what impacts them the most. 
  • Recession worries and job and income losses plague Nevadans. 
  • Dislike of Trump continues to be an overarching concern for many people. 

This election’s high stakes matter from the top to the bottom of the ticket. We are investing heavily in competitive down-ballot races this November, including races that are key to redistricting and shifting the balance of power in states.

  • For Our Future is working to re-elect Sen. Peters (D-MI), elect 23 Congressional candidates, and support 126 state legislative candidates across FL, MI, NV, OH, PA, and WI
  • We are also backing statewide candidates for office, including state Supreme Court candidates in NV, MI, and OH.
  • We are supporting a minimum wage ballot measure in FL and a renewable energy measure in NV.
  • Our down-ballot campaign efforts aim to shift the balance of power on the Ohio Supreme Court and the Michigan House to Democratic control, and help Democrats win a supermajority in the Nevada Senate and counter Republican efforts to secure a supermajority in the Wisconsin legislature.


Given the unprecedented voting environment due to COVID-19, For Our Future is aggressively reaching out to provide voting assistance and share information about progressive candidates with voters who could easily sit this election out.

  • To effectively run a safe, contactless door knocking program, our canvassers adhere to strict protocols involving PPE, daily health screenings, sanitation standards, safe distancing, mandatory health and safety trainings, and more.
  • We created video PSAs, organized nearly 50 voter education events, and distributed mail and literature with key voting information. 
  • Welaunched,a website where visitors can sign up to receive voting reminders and stay up-to-date about their voting options during the pandemic.
  • We actively follow up with voters who only partially completed an absentee ballot request or who have outstanding ballots that need to be turned in, both in our program and in partnership with Priorities USA.
  • We expanded our relational voter programs–catalyzing more super-volunteers to engage their friends and family about the election in their own words and arming them with tools to nudge their contacts to vote.
  • We partner with local groups who have roots in marginalized communities to boost their outreach to voters in authentic, credible ways to break through the noise and empower people with the tools they need to vote.
  • Organizers are deployed to fight disinformation, mistruths, and confusion about new voting methods.

ABOUT FOR OUR FUTURE: Founded in 2016, For Our Future organizes all-year-long around issues, legislation, and campaigns to win elections and help build the lasting power needed to improve people’s lives. In conjunction with community partners, we diligently forge relationships with battleground-state voters on the issues they report matter most to them. As we march closer to Election Day, we are utilizing those relationships to encourage individuals to vote for candidates who will best represent their needs.

For Our Future has 950+ staff organizing inkey battleground states: FL, MI, NV, OH, PA, WI and is headquartered in DC. Our innovative organizing-centered program combines in-person and virtual canvassing through texts, phones, paid digital and events. For more information, visit