Philadelphia Inquirer: Voters in Disadvantaged Communities Live in COVID-19 Hot Spots

As Philadelphia prepares for the June 2nd primary, the coronavirus pandemic could have a disproportionate effect on disadvantaged communities. Low-income neighborhoods and communities of color are requesting absentee ballots at rates that are far behind other parts of the city and have seen higher rates of infection. The Philadelphia Inquirer highlights the risks of heading to the […]

Former U.S. Ambassador Rufus Gifford Joins For Our Future as 2020 Co-Chair 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: March 13, 2020 Former U.S. Ambassador Rufus Gifford Joins For Our Future as 2020 Co-Chair  Washington, D.C. – For Our Future has tapped former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark and Obama Campaign Finance Director Rufus Gifford to serve as its first national Co-Chair for the 2020 cycle. Gifford will help the organization expand […]

The New Yorker: How Milwaukee Could Decide The Next President

The New Yorker ran a deep dive profile on our core Wisconsin partner BLOC in “How Milwaukee Could Decide The Next President.” The feature highlights BLOC’s community organizing efforts, with For Our Future’s support, to help Milwaukee’s Black residents reclaim their political, social, and community power. “In 2018, BLOC knocked on just over a quarter […]

SF Chronicle: Trump’s acquittal and the election: Partisans battle for the few on the fence

Joe Garofoli of The San Francisco Chronicle talked to CEO Justin Myers about the acquittal of President Trump in his impeachment trial and the impact on voters in the paper and for the “It’s All Political” podcast. When asked about the impact of impeachment, Myers explained: “Is it a top five issue? Not to the voters we […]

Isthmus: Will it be a Democratic 2020? A “permanent progressive field program” is working on it

In its latest issue, Madison’s Isthmus editor Ruth Coniff opines about the factors at play in the contest to win the heavily-contested battleground state of Wisconsin this November. Coniff highlights the organizing For Our Future has invested in the badger state to advance progressive change.  In “Will it be a Democratic 2020? A ‘permanent progressive […]