Sky Gallegos

Sky Gallegos, Interim Executive Director, For Our Future

Sky Gallegos is the interim Executive Director of For Our Future, one of the largest, permanent progressive organizing programs. Sky has worked in national Democratic politics for over 25 years, holding senior positions in government, non-profit, corporate and campaign arenas, specializing in building and managing coalitions and public-private partnerships, and in designing and implementing advocacy and public relations strategies.

For the past five years, Sky served on the board of directors of For Our Future as part of her role managing investments and leading campaign efforts for NextGen America, a political action committee and C4 founded by philanthropist and political activist Tom Steyer. There she led multi-million-dollar campaigns to elect climate champions and pro-immigrant rights candidates across battleground states, drive a more prominent climate narrative in the 2016 Presidential cycle, and influence the political narrative on immigration.

The political veteran and strategist served in three Democratic Presidential Administrations, on four different Presidential campaigns, and was a Deputy CEO of the 2008 Democratic National Convention. A graduate of Stanford, also helped create and manage a statewide advocacy organization supporting quality public education in California and built a statewide innovation network of STEM schools, programs, and stakeholders in Tennessee. 

She has honed management, strategic planning, public relations, and advocacy skills through a wide variety of professional and pro-bono roles in support of critically important campaigns and causes. Sky currently serves as Chair of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition C4 board and on the board of Sheriffs for Trusting Communities, and has worked closely with emerging Democratic donor tables in Alabama, and in Tennessee, where she resides with her family.