Philadelphia Inquirer: Voters in Disadvantaged Communities Live in COVID-19 Hot Spots

As Philadelphia prepares for the June 2nd primary, the coronavirus pandemic could have a disproportionate effect on disadvantaged communities. Low-income neighborhoods and communities of color are requesting absentee ballots at rates that are far behind other parts of the city and have seen higher rates of infection. The Philadelphia Inquirer highlights the risks of heading to the polls for these communities, and features the perspective of For Our Future Pennsylvania state director Ashley McBride:

For Our Future, a progressive political action committee, created digital ads targeting communities of color in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania director Ashley McBride said it’s hard for thousands of text messages to undo skepticism informed by years of disenfranchisement.

“Our country has a long history of not doing right by communities of color, particularly when we’re talking about voting rights and expansion,” she said.

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