Philly Inquirer: Democratic groups are going door-to-door while their 2020 candidates are distracted by the primary

On December 15, The Philadelphia Inquirer profiled For Our Future’s organizing efforts in Pennsylvania in “Democratic groups are going door-to-door while their 2020 candidates are distracted by the primary.”  Reporter Julia Terruso highlighted our operations and followed an organizer connecting with community members in South Philadelphia:

“The group, which plans to spend $80 million across seven key states in 2020, is hoping to engage potential Democratic voters, particularly those who have sat out a few elections or whose party registration might fluctuate by finding out what issues could mobilize them. The group won’t endorse a candidate in the primary but will work to get the eventual Democratic nominee elected in November, said Justin Myers, For Our Future’s CEO.

“If you’re thinking of making the electorate larger, getting people who typically don’t vote to vote, you have to go to them first and actually ask them: ‘What issue matters to you the most? What issue do you want to see addressed in D.C., Philadelphia, and Harrisburg?’ ” Myers said.

For Our Future plans to return to the same homes several times before the election. They’ll use what they learn to target messaging in support of the eventual Democratic nominee. 

“Pennsylvania is such a large state and I think what we’re realizing, looking back at 2016, we ran a sound program, but it wasn’t enough,” said Ashley McBride, For Our Future’s Pennsylvania director. “Folks in the state generally think a Democrat wins by winning Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. And we realize, over and over again, we have to go have conversations beyond those areas.”

Read the full article here.

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