POLITICO: Biden’s VP Prospects Break Along Democrat Fault Lines

While Joe Biden’s campaign has yet to start the process of formally vetting potential running mates, the hunt for a vice presidential pick is already taking shape along familiar fault lines. In Biden’s VP Prospects Break Along Dem Fault Lines, POLITICO dives into the ongoing debate over whether the Democratic Party should focus more on winning back white working-class Rust Belt voters, or re-energizing the minority powered coalition that elected President Obama. POLITICO interviewed For Our Future’s Campaigns Director Ashley Walker for her perspective on the impact of Biden choosing a running mate: 

“Selecting a running mate is always a big deal for a candidate, but given the unprecedented crisis facing our country, this is an opportunity for him to create a renewed momentum in his campaign,” said Ashley Walker. “His selection will help elevate a leader for the next generation of our party and will enable that person to influence party politics for years to come.”

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