POLITICO Highlights For Our Future’s Safe Canvassing Program

In a November 24 article, POLITICO highlighted For Our Future’s safe and socially-distanced canvassing program that helped deliver Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris:

[…] Democrats have been organizing on the ground, but most groups halted their door-knocking programs after the outbreak of the pandemic. Other groups adjusted their protocols to deal with the new environment.

“It actually took months for us to get to the place where we developed careful and substantive precautions where risks were low,” said Liz Cattaneo, a spokesperson for For Our Future, a grassroots political action group that led in-person field operations in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida.

According to Cattaneo, the group didn’t just emphasize the use of personal protective equipment; they hired a full-time, in-house health director who spearheaded mandatory health training sessions for all organizers. Cattaneo said none of its organizers this year contracted the coronavirus. […]

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