The Washington Post: Liberal groups plan early anti-Trump campaign efforts in key 2020 states

By Michael Scherer

In “Liberal groups plan early anti-Trump campaign efforts in key 2020 states,” The Washington Post highlighted the early 2019 plans of key progressive organizations, like For Our Future, to organize voters and defeat President Trump in 2020:

“For Our Future, will be deploying $80 million this cycle for a voter contact campaign starting in the coming months that will target hard-to-reach voters this year in a broader group of potential swing states.

Initial voter contacts are aimed at gathering information on what issues move key voters, which is then shared with other outside groups working on the 2020 race. Later this year, the door-to-door efforts will shift to messaging about Trump.

‘We are going to work in a much more highly coordinated fashion,’ For Our Future CEO Justin Myers said. ‘We are going to make sure that all the groups are talking to each other.’”

Read the full article here.

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